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Rain & Brehm Consulting Group, Inc.
Evaluation, Program Planning & Human Resources Consulting


Rain & Brehm can help you or your organization:
  • Develop measurable goals and objectives.
  • Select an evaluation design that meets funding agency specifications.
  • Develop logic models.
  • Select and develop valid surveys and data collection sources and methods.
  • Validate measures for reliability.
  • Develop and manage project time lines.
  • Manage multiple cohorts over multiple years.
  • Conduct complex and multiple analyses using multiple measures.
  • Present findings that have meaning to the end user, its constituents and stakeholders, and the funding agency.
  • Monitor project task implementation.
  • Assess grant fidelity and fidelity of the program implementation.
  • Identify barriers and new constituent services.
  • Define corrective action and recommend strategies to improve and refine programs.
  • Explain demographic, geographic, or environmental outcome differences among various populations, schools or facilitators.
  • Develop replication manuals and stakeholder FAQ sheets.
  • Develop technical publications featuring your success!
  • Assess and improve staff training and qualifications.
  • Use lessons learned to build organizational capacity and capability.

HomeAbout UsServicesProductsEvaluation ResourcesFile DownloadeShopThe Evaluation Forum